Infinity Laptop & Tablet Stand



Infinity Laptop/Tablet Stand

The Infinity Tablet/Laptop stand is a portable stand with adjustable angle settings, adjustable height settings and adjustable width settings.


  • Suitable for: iPads, Tablets, Laptops, Telephones, Kindles
  • 6 different viewing angle adjustments possible
  • The INFINITY iPAD/LAPTOP STAND workstation will give you increased productivity, energy levels
  • Ease of operation with the unit simply folding out for easy and hassle free use
  • Go anywhere, transportable and compact especially if you change work area or re-location
  • Slim Design and is lightweight
  • Small footprint leaving plenty of room to work


  • Minimum size: 250mm high x 182mm wide
  • Maximum size: 250mm high x 275mm wide
  • Viewing angle: 31deg – 52 deg
  • Thickness when folded: 8.8mm
  • Colour: Silver and Graphite