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Electric Sit And Stand Desks

There’s a lot of talks these days that sitting for multiple hours per day – the typical position of someone in an office job – can be harmful to a person’s health. We’ve seen more and more businesses turn to height adjustable office desks (electric and manual operated) that allow employees to alternate between sitting down and standing up throughout the day. Abbotts Office Furniture stocks a quality selection of adjustable height office desks, electric desks and home office desk solutions that give workers the opportunity to switch it up between sitting, standing and even kneeling, for the benefit of their health and wellbeing.

Manual and Electric Adjustable Office Desks for Your Workplace

There are numerous options to choose from when it comes to adjustable height office desks, including a complete desk set up with motor-powered components that allow you to decrease and increase heights as you see fit. We also offer a variety of shaped height adjustable office desks in many designs and configurations, ranging from room corner desks to standalone setups as well as risers that can be added to existing desks to provide additional height. All electric desks and manually operated adjustable height office desks have been ergonomically designed for optimal comfort and safety and also comply with strict Australian health and safety requirements.

Melbourne Wide Delivery of Your Electric Desks

One of the key benefits of alternating between sitting and standing at your desk is that you can start to feel re-energised once you’re on your feet, allowing you to get through the day more easily. Adjustable desks can also help to reduce complaints of bad backs. Abbotts Office Furniture is also one of the leading office fit out companies in Melbourne providing a wide range of desk partitions and office fit-out services to suit all requirements. Hawthorn based, Abbotts Office Furniture provides Melbourne wide delivery of all items from our adjustable height office desk and electric desk range. Call 1300 917 260 for more product information or to place an order.